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New Life Fellowship of Churches is a family of churches that traces its history back to the mid and late 1980s. Eric and Jenny Dooley were sent to Jakarta, Indonesia in 1986 and started a church with seven Indonesians who had graduated from American universities and returned to Indonesia wanting to see their country won for Jesus. During the next four years five churches were started in Indonesia. Today approximately forty churches in Indonesia could trace their roots back to that first church in Jakarta.

In 1988 Eric met a group of young people in Singapore who had also graduated from American universities and returned home wanting to win their friends to Christ. Eric helped give direction to this group of people, and in 1990 moved to Singapore to pastor what became New Life Christian Church. Eric pastored in Singapore until 1994 when God called the Dooleys to move to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In Cambodia the Dooleys planted a church called New Life Fellowship and brought in short and long-term missionaries to work with New Life Foundation, the mercy ministry arm of the church.

In 1994 Eric recognized the need to give a name to this emerging family of churches, and "New Life Fellowship of Churches" seemed to fit. Eric's desire was to provide lifetime relationship to the pastors and churches that had been and would be planted in Southeast Asia and to provide ongoing mentoring and training for pastors.

In 1997 the Dooleys moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where they currently live. Eric is pastor of New Life Fellowship, the first English-speaking international church in the city since 1975. In 2003 he started a Vietnamese church.

Most recently, in June 2004 a Singaporean family was sent out from New Life Christian Church in Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar to plant an NLF church in that city.

Today New Life Fellowship of Churches comprises scores of congregations in Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

In New Life Fellowship of Churches we believe in the God-given autonomy of local churches led by a pastor supported by elders. We believe these churches must be self-supporting, have pastors and leaders who come from within the congregation, and that most churches will in time plant daughter churches. At the same time, we believe that autonomous churches means interrelated rather than independent. Relationships are God-given gifts meant to last a lifetime, and God has provided extra-local ministry (apostles, prophets, and evangelists) as a gift to pastors and churches who want to receive them.

Besides ongoing relationships among the pastors and churches, New Life Fellowship of Churches hosts an annual conference for pastors and leaders. This conference is held in January each year and moves between Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. With the common vision of world evangelism and church planting, we believe that through our relationships God will collectively use us in the coming years to plant churches in Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, and beyond.

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